Construction Projects

If you are managing a construction project,you will need to monitor the progress of the project very closely.
To ensure that any building or construction project is running to schedule you need some kind of progress
reporting system in place.This may involve making regular site visits yourself, which can be time consuming
and often logistically impractical.You could rely on written reports produced by a surveyor or even regular
telephone conversations with the site manager.The most effective and economical way of monitoring the progress
of any building is to use our progress reporting service.

We will visit your building or construction site at regular intervals,weekly or even daily if required.Using
our multi-rotor UAV’s we will provide you with a series of aerial photographs of the building work which will
show,in detail how the construction work is progressing.The photographs you need will be available for you to
download within 24 hours.We will work closely with you to achieve the data and photographs you require.

ECTrackair’s in house architectural service can offer a professional consultation and project evaluation at all
stages of your construction.

Our primary concern while operating our UAV’s are for the safety of all people and property, we will therefore
only fly after a full site safety and risk assessment as been completed by ourselves.