Video Production for the Real Estate Market

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Video Production for the Real Estate Marketreal estate


Some real estate agents LOVE aerial video and often the difference between one agent getting a prized listing and another is their marketing. To many agents, aerial video is the answer but it’s not meant for all properties, in fact , aerial video can hurt your chances of selling some properties.

Home buyers will become bored with it rather quickly, by quickly I mean 5 seconds or more of a drone flying around a property soon becomes annoying and your future clients might think ” OK Mr/Mrs agent, please now show me the inside”

Aerial video should be used sparingly . As an Establishing Shot, this is what aerial video is best used for, to show the client where the property is located.

           When To Use Aerial Real Estate Video.

* When the property is of significant size

* When the property is close to a golf course.

* When the property has sea or mountain views.

* When the property can’t properly be shown from the ground.

* To show where the property is located within the community.

When Not To Use Aerial Real Estate Video.

*When the property is average.

*If the property is single story and is close to, two story properties.

*When the property is close to power lines, a power station or other industrial areas.

* If the property is close to a major road or highway.

In conclusion, let me say we can create  some impressive aerial real estate images and videos, it just requires some discretion  and creative imagination.